Opera Browser Playing Video Error

Using Opera As My Main Browser In This OS, And I Found Out When I tried To Watch Some tiktok as my friends where sending some clips for me to watch, I Foudnt Out That None Of The video from the tiktok website is not playing. I did research about this but as ofc i say, I Rlly Dont Understand without it being explained correctly. On the other hand Youtube Live Streams & Twitch And Other Streaming Video Platform Is not Working, But Uploaded videos on youtube and youtube music is working fine.

Would Be Happy For Assistance, And Some A bit explanation for my dum dum mind :smiley:

Is this behavior seen always ?
Like everytime you open up Opera ?
Have you tested some other Browser or tried playing Videos inside from VLC
Becuase some time which is rare in my case
My machine cannot play anything so I do a reboot and such issues get lost until next 100 boot or so

Do you have opera-ffmpeg-codecs installed?

hmm i dont know how to do that. can u share umm a tutorial link or somethin?

In pamac GUI or in terminal:
pamac install opera-ffmpeg-codecs

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Thank You I Just tried it and every problem i have on opera video playback and stream video is now playing thanks :smiley:


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