Openweather gnome-shell-extension settings are not accessible

Hello fellow Manjaroos,

It appears that the openweather gnome extension, that is built in the distro, has outdated code.

This creates a problem, because the extension’s settings are no longer accessible.

What can I (or we) do about it to fix it?

Thank you.

Are you sure it is built into manjaro as a package?
When searching I only find gnome-shell-extension-openweather-git in the AUR and the current maintainer is orphaning it. : AUR (en) - gnome-shell-extension-openweather-git

Does removing it as a package and installing it from OpenWeather - GNOME Shell Extensions solve the issue of the settings panel?

I am pretty sure that it was and is built-in. I have no recollection of installing gnome-extensions from another source.

There it is in the distro’s package manager too:

I will try what you suggest.

I just removed the package I had built-in my system (the one shown on the screenshot above) and now it has mysteriously disappeared completely from Pamac’s catalog and I cannot find it.

I installed the firefox add-on from and then installed the extension by enabling the ON switch and clicking on the Upgrade button next to the ON switch.

The problem persists.

The settings of extension had an error:

GLib.FileError: Failed to open file “/usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/”: No such file or directory

Stack trace:


EDIT: Okay, all I needed to do after installing is restart gnome-shell. It works now as a manually installed extension. Thank you for the help!

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