OpenVPN doesn't connect with SOCKS proxies

Hi, there!
I use OpenVPN. I want to configure SOCKS5 proxy for my OpenVPN connection. In Advanced settings OpenVPN in tab proxies I can specify proxy type and IP/port. But when any proxy is selected, I can’t connect to VPN. Long connection attempt and then ‘failed’ notification. Why?

I presume the option is used to connect to the proxy to set up the VPN.

your machine -> socks proxy -> VPN

But you want to set up your machine to connect to a socks proxy over the VPN? Then this is not the place to set this option.

If not, can you check if the proxy is running on and accepting connections?
Eg test the port connection with:

telnet 1080

Connection scheme that I want:

machine -> socks proxy -> vpn -> internet

I have checked the command

telnet 1080

and it connects successfully.

if I had to troubleshoot this I would look in the logs of the server running the proxy, not familiar with socks proxies so I can not point you to a specific component or log to check.

I am interested in why you would want to run this setup tho :slight_smile: