openSuse and Windows password incorrect after installing Manjaro

Hello, after installing Manjaro alongside openSuse and Windows, I could no longer log in to openSuse and Windows.

Message: Password incorrect.

Is it possible that during the installation of Manjaro the passwords of the openSuse and Windows installation were changed or reset?

I am not interested in solving the problem but would like to know how this could have happened.

I have restored the Windows password using the three secret questions. And openSuse will be reinstalled this way and that. All partitions are there and I can access the data.

Maybe I made a mistake with the partitioning?

My SSD’s:

nvme0n1 931,51Gib → 100% openSuse Tumbleweed

nvme1n1 931,51Gib → 50% Windows 11 / 50% Manjaro 23.1.3

Each installation has its own efi partition.

Can you explain this?

Greetings Henner

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Absolutely not. There is no possible way for the Manjaro installer to have interacted with either of those two systems in such a manner.

Which password aren’t working? Are you talking about Boot Encryption PW’s?

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No, I mean the normal password for logging in during the boot process. No encryption etc.

It is impossible. Manjaro installer does not mess with other os-es.

So my best bet would be something encryption or secure boot related. Maybe you deactivated secure boot to run manjaro and something in the other oses relies on it, or maybe the repartitioning of the disk made some os think the hardware changed and some encryption key or activation info was hardware related…something like that.

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Not sure how that key is called in english, but maybe you activated the reverse shiftkey or how it called.

I’m closing this topic now

There are so many possibilities that could have led to the problem.

It’s too tedious to keep guessing.

Maybe I made a mistake during installation.

Or a Windows update has caused the password to be reset.

Thank you for the answers

greetings Henner

Absolutely, check for active Fn cap lock, it’s a quite common cause for ‘password not recognised’, especially when this occurs across various platforms.

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