OpenSSL Issue with ruby 3.0.6p216

Hi guys,
I am trying to run the tool evil-winrm but I am running into an error that suggests an issue with my version of openSSL. I used to solve this issue by doing what was mentioned here Evil-WinRM - OpenSSL::Digest::DigestError happened, message is Digest initialization failed: initialization error · Issue #3593 · BlackArch/blackarch · GitHub
This time doing so lead to a numerous amount of error. How can I solve it ? does using version management tools such as rbenv helps ?

Here are few details about the issue

I found a solution and I feeling bad for posting this. But it might help someone one day maybe. Here is a post again. There was a type when I did the same thing.
Here is the most important part the file in /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf should be modified by adding the following:

default = default_sect
legacy = legacy_sect

activate = 1

activate = 1

This will help activate the md4 algorithm. I did it and it worked for me.

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