OpenSSH Not Working

So I’ve recently reset my Windows Machine due to some new drives, however I’ve been trying to SSH into my Linux machine for FileZilla and other things, I have had this working prior to my reinstall on my Windows machine.

Since the update it is no longer working, I have checked both my UFW settings and my Router settings to make sure they’re all forwarded and what not. It just doesn’t seem to be working for some reason, I have the port opened and I’m putting the correct information into FileZilla and it’s not able to connect.

I have some game servers on the same machine and they’re allowing me to connect via the domain name and ports. I’m not 100% to do honestly. I’ve updated everything and I’m still at all loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

I can assure you ssh works as expected on Manjaro.

As your ssh client is on Windows you should really not ask here.

Your topic doesn’t really make sense - as it is not at all clear what is up and down.

So you use FileZilla on your Linux box - is this Linux box powered by Manjaro?

Your windows reinstall due to updated drives?

Now I am confused - you are using FileZilla on your Linux box - what are you trying to connect to? Your Windows box?

Is this the updated Windows box or the Linux box?

I can understand that - I am at loss too - can’t make head or tails of your topic.

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Recently, OpenSSH disabled some older, insecure ciphers. See the announcement from the OpenSSH project. OpenSSH: Release Notes

If your Windows SSH Client requires older, less secure ciphers, you need to allow them in your SSH Server config. (It would be better to update your client)

It may be helpful to first try ssh directly. Then you can add -v , -vv, or -vvv If you read this log carefully, this does show where the problem may be.

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