Openshot Video Editor bug?

This video editor used to work perfectly well until a few months ago, Whenever I export an edited video, onlly a sound file is produced - but no video. This happens whether I use an mkv or mp4 muxer. I can’t see anything amiss with my configuration of OVE.

Any ideas why this keeps occurring?

I found a solution to this problem. With the latest version of Openshot, they’ve changed the way one of the main codecs behaves, The one shown in the ‘target’ below, no longer works properly, and still is the default codec when exporting any video. However, it now only produces an audio file if used. It could be a bug.

If you require video using the mp4 format you would need to use the modified codec, as shown in the ‘target’ below. The same thing applies to .mkv format as well.

Alternatively, using a 265 codec, eg (mp4 (h.265)) will correctly produce a video and audio file. So maybe it is a bug after all.

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