Openshot crashing

Hi, I installed openshot 2.5.1 version. After opening video it crashes. Does anybody have this opneshot working? how to find out, where is problem? if in my hardware or drivers, or openshot?

Use shotcut, it’s running more stable IMHO.

I installed openshot using flatpak and it works…interesting…

Having the same problem in here. While renderin, importing, exporting, it just keeps crashing.

I increased cache memory to 8GB, no effect. Tried Acceleration options under Performance tab, no effect.

Tried downgrading from 2.5.1, but the files created with 2.5.1 are not compatible with 2.5.0 or 2.4.4.

So, we desparately need a bug fix upgrade I guess. Maybe they will find the glitch and fix soon :crossed_fingers:

My 2-cents, this attitude does not help anybody. The question is not “which editor should I use”. If there are already done work in this editor, your suggestion is just useless. No offense.

Just tried this and it works :+1: