OpenMW not starting game

OpenMW not starting game after hitting play, seems to be an issue with mygui. I emailed the Arch maintainer and he said they got it up and running yesterday, is there any way to get the fix for Manjaro?

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Indeed. openmw was updated to 0.47.0rc-1 yesterday.

It’s only in the unstable branch currently. See:

Thanks. Any idea when it will move to stable?

We just had a stable update today and the openmw update just missed it. I just pushed openmw 0.47.0rc-1 to testing and stable just for you.

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Does it work for sure? No ABI issues? I remember OpenMW very sensible to ABI changes

Again, since we just had a stable update today, all openmw's dependencies are already the versions it was built against.

Ah, I missed this from your previous message. Sorry. Great catch then!

Thank you. How do I update?

Wait while your preferred mirror will sync with the main server and then just do pamac update

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Awesome, thank you very much.

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