OpenMW-CS stopped working (Qt5.15/XFCE4 problem?)

It seems that OpenMW-CS has started glitching, my guess is that it might be related to Qt5.15, but hard to say. I’ve been working on OpenMW-CS development, but this could go deeper into Qt architecture, or possibly a Qt bug. So far it seems to be specific to XFCE4 though.

How to reproduce this bug:

  1. Open OpenMW-CS
  2. Open and close any table view for several times (e.g. Regions)
    -> Menus start glitching, menubars disappear, XFCE goes unresponsive.
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I tested this with Gnome, and couldn’t reproduce this issue. It therefore seems to be specific to XFCE4. It might occur in other Qt5 apps too, so might be worth checking out?

It looks to me that QStatusBar fails in XFCE4.

Uncommenting this line fixes the glitching.