Openjfx or javafx on arm (aarch64)

Hi, I installed intelliJ on pinebook pro but one of my plugins (codegym) doesn’t work due to missing javaFX. I checked AUR, there is a openjfx-bin, but not available for aarch64. How can I install javafx or openjfx on the pinebook pro and get the plugin working? (or a JDK which has javaFX lib built in??) Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That likely will not work with -bin packages, since they just repackage already built binaries.

So you would first need to track down if they provide arm64 binaries, if there’s no PKGBUILD that builds from source.

I looked on the openjfx site and the only arm bin I saw that they provided was armv6 which will not work either.

So no way to get openjfx on arm (aarch64) ?

Build it your self but I have no clue if it can be done.

Sometimes you can just ask : Gluon Client Plugin
If you don’t you probable won’t have it.
And this gives visibility to aarch64.