Opening Chrome always opens odd extra tab

I have a bit of an odd problem since a few days. Not sure if this is a problem with Chrome itself or with Plasma, or something else entirely.

Whenever Chrome is started - or whenever an external application wants to open a link -, Chrome does open/add the clicked link as a new tab.

But it ALSO opens a second new tab, with the following URL: “–password-store%3Dbasic”
It seems to me this is an argument for Chrome that somehow got garbled up and ended up being interpreted as a URL itself.

Obviously, I’d like to fix that behavior, but I have no idea where I would even look for where this extra argument is coming from.

Search in chrome://settings if you have not added some config when opening a new tab.

I haven’t. It’s also not only when opening a new tab.

Just starting Chrome (if it wasn’t opened before) also adds this extra tab.

I also checked the .desktop files - none of them contain that parameter, either.

What is the value of Command Line from chrome://gpu?

What are the contents of ~/.config/chrome-flags.conf (if it exists)?

That actually lead somewhere. It is this:

/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --enable-crashpad --flag-switches-begin --enable-webgl-draft-extensions --flag-switches-end --origin-trial-disabled-features=SecurePaymentConfirmation ​–password-store=basic

Now, the questions are: Where does that come from? And should the “–password-store=basic” just be removed from it? I don’t really store passwords for websites, etc. in the browser anyway.

Doesn’t exist.

That command line flag is coming from somewhere.


cat /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop | grep Exec

And if it exists:

cat ~/.local/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop | grep Exec

That wasn’t quite it, but it got me on the right track.

There were actually two .desktop files in the local/share/applications folder for Chrome. The one I looked at before (and you pointed to as well), which was “clean” - but also another one named “google-chrome-stable.desktop” that actually had the password parameter!

I haven’t got a clue as to why that other one was there AND apparently being used as well, but it is cleaned up now and the extra tab is no more.

Thanks for the help!

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