Opening application slows the interface down

After the boot I open Firefox and Telegram and then at 80% of RAM consumption the OS starts lagging too much, and ram management is also bad… got 4GB of ram and the OS is on dual boot with windows

Any fixes??

You need to watch your process activity (with htop or ps, for example) to determine which process is using your RAM. You probably have a memory leak. If your using applets or effects, start by disabling them.

Browsers ─ and most web content these days ─ are notoriously memory-heavy, and with only 4 GiB of RAM, what you’re seeing is quite normal, as the system is having to write to the swap device a lot.

I’m afraid the only workaround is to get more RAM. :man_shrugging:

80% of 4GB is more than 3GB. Even if you count 256 to 512 MB for video memory, it seems exaggerated. Maybe if you had more than 10 tabs open it would be the case, but not by just opening the browser.