Opencv 4.5.2-2 python import fails

today an update of “opencv” (4.5.1-1 => 4.5.2-2) leads to the follwing in the python console:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘cv2’

When reverting to the previous version, everything works.
Anyone has that problem?

Since this version python-opencv has to be installed explicitly, obviously it has been splitted…

This is a typical error message when a python application needs to be rebuilt.

Sounds like an AUR package which needs to be rebuilt.

before you used opencv2 not opencv ? check aur dependencies (yes, is a aur package who wants opencv2)

I am talking about the official opencv 4.5.2-2 package. (extra repository). If loaded you cannot import cv2 . This is no AUR package.
Searching for python-opencv shows an uninstalled version 4.5.2-2. So it looks like the packages have been split starting the version mentioned above.

It seems confusing, but opencv has to be imported as “cv2” into python, probably for historical reasons …

More strange things. I’ve started a Manjaro KDE version. No python-opencv. Current lsb release is “DISTRIB_RELEASE=20.2.1”, on my “main” PC it is “DISTRIB_RELEASE=21.0.5”.
pacman does not offer any new packages or versions…
So I’m wondering why my Xfce Version is more up to date than the KDE edition.
It should be mentioned that the “KDE” Version is running on a VM (while my xfce is real :wink: )
I’m trying to create a PKGBUILD, but did not expect such grave changes between two desktops of manjaro…

you don’t make updates :sob: mirror is not good ?

pacman-mirrors --continent && pacman -Syu

all manjaro (all desktop, vm or not) hare same version if updated

Thank you!
I assumed that this couldn’t be right. Updating mirrors did not come into my mind. Now the version and packages are as expected

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