Openconnect system tunnel

Hello i recenty installed manjaro and user Openconnect config for VPN and suddendly it worked on Telegram Desktop application but not working in brave or firefox idk why and why is this happening just want to ask how can i tunnle whole system using openconnect config i used terminal and nerwork setting version but both of them didnt tunnle whole system idk is this a browsers bug or somthing else

It is lack of knowledge - please read the docs OpenConnect - ArchWiki

Idk the real problem and then idk what to read on doc can u help me with that section ?

I don’t use cisco products or openconnect - you will have to read and learn …

Maybe it’s a split VPN? Generally, it should work.

How did you test it?

In my country telegram is restricted and i should use vpn , when i open telegram desktop it will work fine but in brave or Firefox browser it not work and not change the IP on fedora it works fine but in manjaro i think openconnect not tunnel the whole system

While I believe in freedom of speech - I also believe in abiding the laws where I live - so you may be on thin ice.

Sounds like some kind of proxy setup.

Some applications does not recognize a system proxy automagically but needs to be configured.

And no I don’t use proxies - and I have never had to configure one - so I cannot advise further.

What I do remember is that we have had topics discussion proxy setup - so use the forum search function - upper right corner :mag: left side of your avatar.

It’s weird that it does not function. Maybe your government also hijacks the VPN connection and only allow certain things?

Generally, openconnect (as most other VPN tools) creates a tun0 device and routes everything through it.

One thing might be that your VPN provider does not handle DNS requests? Or it uses split-VPN, so that only certain connections are tunneled, while others are not.
Or it’s only tunneling IPv4 but the pages you’re accessing with your browsers use IPv6?

What happens if you run curl with and without VPN? You don’t need to paste the IP addresses but they should differ.