Openconnect-sso not working; cookie rejected by server

Hello, I was using openconnect-sso to connect to my complay’s SAML secured vpn with no issues until about 2 weeks ago when it stopped working. I was experimenting with the git and non git versions on AUR and OfficialRepos but without success.

When I try and login from the terminal using openconnect-sso -s I get following error output:

Connected to 93.....ip
SSL negotiation with
Server certificate verify failed: signer not found
Connected to HTTPS on with ciphersuite (blabla)
Got inappropriate HTTP CONNECT response: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Creating SSL connection failed
Cookie was rejected by server; exiting.

I can login to the server from Windows anyconnect whith no problem. Any ideas what can be the issue?

Kernel Info: 6.1.80-1-MANJARO

This seems to be the initial error

It only seems logical that the rest will go wrong afterwards.

Tip: Ask your server-admin :wink:

You may need to import some “intermediate certificates”.

Sorry, what’s in the repos? I only see openconnect-sso & openconnect-sso-git in the AUR.