OpenCL installation not working (nvidia 455)

So I’m trying to setup OpenCL on my machine.

First I installed the CUDA Toolkit: sudo pacman -S cuda.
This prompted me to install opencl-nvidia which has several options for different drivers, I picked the 455 option (which I’m running).
After that I installed ocd-icd and opencl-headers.

Running ls /etc/OpenCL/vendors/ gives me nvidia.icd but running clinfo returns Number of platforms 0.

Thanks in advance

What’s the kernel version (uname -r)? CUDA, OpenCL do not work on Linux 5.9 and above at the moment.


Ah, alright. Yes I’m running 5.9.1-1-MANJARO. I’ll restart with 5.8 and see if that solves it! Thanks for the extremely fast reply :slight_smile:

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