Openbox Suite; Collection of system indicators and utilities for custom DE

Openbox Suite (obsuite) is a light and modulable complement to Openbox and other minimalistic window managers, which often requires packages from other desktop environments. It relies on Python and Qt, with little dependencies.

Obsuite provides a basic set of tools which make it easy to manage or monitor volume, network connection, batteries, backlight, microphone and temperature. Moreover, it includes a great application launcher, an exit splash screen and a basic Bluetooth devices manager (to do; full-fledged manager).

It is highly customizable and use Numix’s icon set. With OpenBox, tint2 and ObSuite, you’ll get a solid start for a light and beautiful custom desktop environment.

Have a look on the Gitlab page for screenshots and more info:


Seems cool.
I havent taken a hard look, but I did solidify your links :wink:

Super cool, will give it a test run at some point.