"Open With Other Application" change the default application

Hi everyone,

Bit of a noob here, but I am using Manjaro with Gnome and when I open a video (mp4 for exemple) I want to open it with MPV, so I set it as the default player for videos, but sometimes I want to encode with Handbreak so I go in “Open With Other Application” and I select Handbreak there.

But now, when I open a video, it opens with Handbreak by default and I have to select MPV in “Open With Other Application” to play the video. Is there any way of preventing the default app to change each time?

I use XFCE, but could be the same on gnome:

Rightclick on the file --> open with --> with another application --> click in the checkbox “Use by default for files of this type.” and choose the program.

Alas, no. There is no option whatsoever in the selection menu… But thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

Since you’re on Gnome, follow the instructions provided here:

If you set the default application for a MIME type, it will always be used for opening this type of file, unless you specify a different application that will be used individually.

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Well, i did hope there was a nice options menu or something but this seems to do the trick, thanks!

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