Open-vmware-tools Clipboard sharing not working

I am running Win 10 and vmware player with Manjaro.
I installed open-vmware-tools but clipboard sharing with windows fails.
Do I have to perform some manual action to activate it?
I tried to activate it in vmware player in windows:          FALSE         FALSE  TRUE

kb vmware 57122
But no luck.

This one worked for me (kind of)

I run the command


in my user context and as root, the clipboard sharing starts working.
But I found no way to enable it for autostart. (crontab with @reboot e.g.)

I also found this article:
kb vmware 74671

And I tried to enable vmware-vmblock-fuse service. But no success either.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

i already looked for a solution and only found the temporay one you found. vmware-user

did you run systemctl enable vmtoolsd.service and also systemctl start vmtoolsd.service
not that it would matter by my experience.

if you want to read:

Thanks for your anwser.
I already had a look at