Open source or proprietary drivers

Hello community here. hope all are safe and well.

I wanna know which one should choose here with open source or with proprietary? before there were not that chooses.

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if you’re graphic card is nvidia than choose proprietary and try this first because nvidia is a mess and different network-drivers are strange. trial and error is your friend


I am on Intel. Lenovo Thinkpad e14 gen2

also one more question my laptop supports fingerprint unlock. will be able to use that features on Manjaro?

I would always recommend booting with open source drivers that way your system will boot without any issues. If you have a laptop with dual (intergrated and dedicated) you can install nvidia prime drivers after you have booted


ok thanks for supporting. i have Lenovo Thinkpad e14 gen2 and it support finger print unlock features. does manjaro supports too it?

On Windows 10 i can unlock by my finger and also without touching anything.