Open programs from command

Can i open and start a program from terminal emulator?I know the firefox thing like firefox htt p:// I’ve try that way for chrome and it didnt work.So how can I open Chrome and other programs form command?And I’m fresh manjaro installer so I don’t know much about this.Please explain me briefly.


only enter name as chomium firefox … (we have chomium and not chrome :wink: )

Ok.How about the other program can i start them from command?

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You need to find out the full name of the program and just type it into the terminal

at you to edit menu for find command (kde, xfce is different) or search bin in package
or use autocompletion for search : chromtab , opentab , firetab

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to open in Google Chrome (Stable) the Manjaro home page for example.

Another way is to set Google Chrome as your default browser and use


to open the same page.

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this works perfectly thanks

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