Open new windows on Primary display

I recently added a TV to my setup that is above my other screens. I dont always have it turned on as I only want to use it when sitting at a distance. The problem is, that most programs always open on it, so that I need to rightclick move, or turn on the tv to use these programs.
Is there any way to set the default screen to open programs on? (My main monitor is already set as primary, but that doesnt seem to affect the window placement.) Any help would be appreciated, even if it was just a software solution of disconnecting and reconnecting the TV as needed (just dont want to crawl below my desk to physically disconnect the cable each time).
Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

In Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Placement
Move the slider to your right like this

or all the way to the right and keep At the centre of the screen selected. Due to the Smart Placement algorithm i’m not sure how internally is all done, nor if it helps to use Under the mouse pointer as all is in relation with the size of the window when closed and reopened … so if there is no space on the active Desktop/Workspace it will be sent on a different one.

The use of tools like wmctrl or devilspie might be closer to what you want to achieve and give more options tho.