Open Kate with reduced AddOns from within Dolphin to just edit files

I use Kate as an IDE for developing and have set it up accordingly with git, project browser, linter and such, which is very nice. But unfortunately, if I just want to edit a file from Dolphin via the context menu, it now takes an extremely long time until Kate starts (yes, still using hdd’s).

Is there a way to set up Kate so that when it starts from the context menu, it does so without the add-ons and tools?

I tried to set up different Kate sessions, and thought it would start with the default session, but unfortunately it doesn’t work…

Any hint to solve this problem?

Your direction for it was quite right with sessions:
It should open documents with Kate without plugins when you make your NoPlugins session as your template

  • Kate Menu > Sessions > Manage Sessions > Select your NoPlugins session > Open as Template
  • Close Kate, open a txt document in Dolphin and it should default to the session without plugins

Please try.

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Nice, now it works exactly as expected. Thanks! :hugs:

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Since you use sessions now you may activate the Kate sessions launcher in system tray to appear permanently. Quite handy.

Should you want to switch back to default using the session with plugins, then just mark the other session as template. Switching back and forth works.

The default sessions config file with active plugins is in ~/.local/share/kate/anonymous.katesession

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Ah, ok, when i got it right, the session, which is chosen for template get copied to anonymous.katesession and used when opend from within dolphin.
Just figured out, i can set ‘chose session manually’, so Kate asks me when i start from the Application Launcher, so i can avoid another icon in the system tray, but thanks for the hint.

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Your choice of course. Should you work a lot with Kate it would make sense to use the sessions launcher from tray.

Don’t forget, you could also use Kwrite as another editor to open from context menu in Dolphin.
Many solutions, many ways of how to get it done. Most importantly, the performance now is acceptable when opening a file.

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