Open inactive window color on panel

I’m struggling with changing the color that highlights open but say minimized or in the background window.
Below is my panel:
dolphine isn’t open,
chrome is open but minimized,
firefox is open and is in the foreground,
vlc is open and the color is what I set to happen on hover.
As you can see, it’s really difficult to tell between dolphine, chrome and FF: which one is open or not.


For me the difference is clearly visible :stuck_out_tongue:

Indicator appearance is depended on theme you use, so if you don’t like this use other theme.

I tried several other themes, but couldn’t find any where it would be really distinct. :frowning:
Ant-Dark, Arc Dark, Aritim, Aura, Layan, KDE-story,Materia, Nordic, Orchis, Sweet and default ones.

You can use Latte Dock instead default KDE panels, there you have some settings and addons for it.

I like the default panel :slight_smile:
I tried latte dock a while ago, but it seemed like to much hustle in setting it up.
For now I switched to KDE-story.

I agree with @Tomek, latte-dock has various indicator settings and some of them are more clear than others. It’s easier to set what you prefer. Here is an example:


Open apps have a visible outline plus the triangle indicator below the icon. The active window is the one with the background similar to its icon and there is a reverse triangle upon it, in the example above it’s firefox. Of course, this is all configurable, so it may look completely different. There are server indicator themes and various settings.


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