Open-Fuse-ISO is missing

Just looking for an easy clickable way to mount and ISO file in the KDE version so I don’t have to go manually mount it anymore. When looking for documentation (before I came here), I was reading up on the Manjaro official way to do this:

Problem is, someone has removed that app from the official repositories yet left that page manual there as the official Manjaro way.

My question is, is there a new app that replaced it?

open-fuse-iso and open-fuse-iso-term are both in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

This is the original forum post:

Thx for the reply. I did see them in AUR, but I am wondering what Manjaro replaced them with? I tend to avoid AUR unless last resort.

Edit: I think I have 7 apps total from AUR and that is probably 7 apps too many.

Just wanting to play some old games I have without mounting the CD every time.

It appears the functionality is already baked in. See:

Very cool. I will check it out. Thanks!

Works great. Won’t do an img file but it will do an iso. Thx for all your help.

If anyone has a img file and needs to convert it to iso, this little utility works great: ccd2iso

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