"Open Folder" opens VSCode instead of Explorer/Finder

Hey guys,

every time I click on button inside a program that’s labeled like “Open Folder” VSCode is being opened instead of Explorer/Finder.

I’m using Gnome3.

I haven’t found anything useful on Google, unfortunately.

Maybe one of you can help me.

cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list

Check the inode/directory property


It appears to be the culprit, thanks :smiley:


Can you tell me what the Explorer/Finder value is?

I don’t know - you can try with nautilus.desktop as nautilus is the Gnome filemanager.

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It’s org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop for the Nautilus file manager.


That works. Thanks :slight_smile:

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never going to be easy anymore :slight_smile: - maybe next time I should suggest doing something like this

grep -rl 'nautilus' /usr/share/applications
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When I don’t have the said package installed (like in this case), I usually search for the package in the Arch/Packages website.
There the package description page has a nice “Package contents list” feature, where you can see its contents and the .desktop file(s) among them.

It works most of the times, unless it’s a Manjaro specific package. :slightly_smiling_face:

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