Open_files limit 1024 and network connections timeout (maximum sockets reached?)

Hello, on 5.8.16-2-MANJARO “ulimit -a” shows i had 1024 open files limit, so from root terminal ($ su) i tried “ulimit -n 30000”, it changed the ulimit -a output. The “dstat --socket” command shows that the total sockets is attacking the 1000 mark. The journalctl -r|head -n 40 shows that my proxy software shadowsocks-qt5 continue to flood by messages “ss-qt5[1763811]: TCP connection timeout.”
The server to which this app is connecting has open files limit of 51200. And this timeouts happen also for different server i have tried.

Please can you kindly suggest commands to discover what is the cause or which software limits are reached or how to fix this? Thank you

create a file /etc/sysctl.d/20-max-user-watches.conf


then reload

sudo sysctl --system

I know nothing of socks

Thanks, which effect do you expect? Because i do not know which command or action to do to discover if it helped to something. journalctl ss-qt5 log lines stays same and dstat continue to show what it displayed before.

reboot was done
open files (-n) 1024
but “dstat --socket” shows 2k sockets total, where 700 is tcp and 13 udp. :confused:
journalctl continue being flooded by “ss-qt5[1763811]: TCP connection timeout.” kind of notices.