Open File Dialogue not showing

Dear all,

I just noticed a strange behaviour where the dialogue to open a file in KeePassXC, where only “Create new database” opens a new dialogue, all others buttons, esp. “Open File” do not work. I noticed this behaviour in one other application as well, but cannot currently remember which one.

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Same issue here but using Gnome version.

Do you have the same problem in other applications?

I noticed this behavior only in KeePassXC yet. This is really an odd issue.

I removed the installed version of keepassxc and am using the appimage, which works as intended.

Dear @neox and everyone else with a similar problem: Did you maybe change your desktop environment in the past?

I switched from Gnome to KDE some weeks ago (installed the packages indicated for KDE and removing all those mentioned for Gnome here: Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro)

As I was experiencing some minor issues though, e.g. system settings crashing when trying to select “application style”, I tested whether there were still orphan packages from Gnome around, so I ran

  pacman -Qtdq | pacman -Rns -

This removed 124 packages, some by name obvious leftovers from Gnome, and freed almost 1 GB of disk space. And last but not least, now the open dialogue of keepassxc works (again).

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