Open File dialog and last used directory

The Open File dialog does not remember last used directory so in case I need to open several files from the same directory (from browser for example) I need to navigate there every time from my home. I found similar problem reports on the internet (for example here or here) however I have not found any working solution.

Does anybody know if this can be solved or not? Sometimes it drives me crazy … :slight_smile:

I use Gnome 44.1 with X11 and “Linux 6.3.5-2-MANJARO”

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Gnome developers has a special mindset - perhaps you need to think like them.

For example when you know you need to open several files located in the same folder from a web browser

  • you could select them all at once using Ctrl + click

If the need is to open them one at a time

  • navigate to the folder → rightclick inside the folder → add to favorites

Thanks for the answer even if I’m not sure I’m happy about it :smiley:

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