Open all apps in Fullscreen


How do I set to open all apps in Fullscreen?
Manjaro does not remember the last app window frame size.

I checked/tried several things in Window Manager to no avail.

Is there an option to always open in Fscreen?


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I am not aware of a way to do this natively in the XFCE desktop.

That would be XFCE Desktop and/or Window Manager does not remember. And, it depends on the application.

I don’t use this functionality a lot on XFCE, but this might get the topic rolling:

  • To maximize window, double click the title bar:

    • Settings Manager > Window Manager > Advanced > Double Click Action, set to “Maximize Window”
  • Or, Alt-F10

    • Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard, “Maximize window”

    There are some other helpful window actions here that might work for you.

  • To Save and Restore Session (window positions):

    • Settings Manager > Session and Startup > Current Session, click “Save Session”

    • Settings Manager > Session and Startup > General, “Automatically save session on logout”

    There is also a checkbox on the logout window, “Save session for future logins”.

Some Doc: xfce:xfce4-session:preferences [Xfce Docs]

The xfce forum has many informative xfce desktop discussions. Searching there can be helpful.

If you want to get a little fancier, I’m not sure XFCE’s window manager, xfwm4, has those capabilities at this time.

I think for more advance placement of windows requires a different window manager (maybe i3) or a script using something like devilspie or xdotool (this is the route I took).

If there are specific applications, you could check to see if they support starting in fullscreen (i.e., xfce4-terminal --help shows --fullscreen) and create a unique launcher (.desktop file) for them.

I look forward to other responses on this topic.

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You could make use of GitHub - dsalt/devilspie2: Devilspie2 is a window matching utility, allowing the user to perform scripted actions on windows as they are opened and closed.

Do not expect mixing devilspie rules with devilspie2 to work.
The second one is based on the first but uses lua instead.
devilspie2 is on AUR.

Use a Window Manager like i3 or sway. It opens everything by using allmost all space on the screen and manages tiling automatically. On sway you set a definition for every application which want to run in fullscreen. Example:

for_window [app_id="pamac-manager"]  fullscreen enable

Now everytime you open pamac-manager it will open in fullscreen.

Open menulibre and change the start commands, i.e.:

myapp --maximized
myapp --fullscreen  (maybe it is fs)

You will find documentation for this.
I am on mobile phone atm, sorry.

Can I edit the icon launcher of the apps I to open in fullscreen?
I have icons on desktop and panel.

Is there a command I can add to the launcher?

Im using whisker menu on XFCE.

There is no “one command to rule them all”. This has to be done for every app individually, it takes time and effort. Do you really want to get down this hole?
Despite all the already mentioned helper tools and WM’s, you can try zentile (AUR), wich should give you most of the functionality you want.

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