OnlyOffice Speech plugin settings drop down is empty, not working

OnlyOffice Speech plugin settings dropdown is empty, so it is not working, this works in Windows, so I know how it should work, I opened a ticked at OnlyOffice, does anyone have Speech working in OnlyOffice, or know how to fix this?

I have this working, though it’s a while since I set it up. You’ll probably need to install the speech programme separately. I use “festival”, and looking at Pamac I have two packages installed, festival and festival-english - the first, I think, is the programme, the second the voices.

In the LibreOffice menus , I go to Tools → Add ons → Read selection
I select the option there to “Use festival with a script” and in the box below I have the path /usr/bin/festival

Edit: Oh, and looking at Tools → Extension manager in the Libre Office menu, I see that the “Add on” that I use is Read Text 0.8.44 by James Holgate. I can’t remember if this was pre-installed on Manjaro, or if I added it through the Extensions Manager myself.

Hopefully that should get it working!

Thanks, that helped, it works in Libre Office, but still not in OnlyOffice.

Oh gosh, sorry, I misread and thought you were on LibreOffice, which is what I use. I’ve not done this in OnlyOffice. Had a quick look online and see that they have a plugin for text to speech on OnlyOffice, but it looks to me like it might be for versions running in the cloud rather than on desktop. I’m afraid that this is a bit beyond my knowledge.

I guess at least you can open the file in LibreOffice now and listen to it through that! Sorry I can’t help more, but hopefully someone else can! Good luck!

You were a huge help, I did not know you could do this in Libre Office, and now I have it working, which proves it is not Manjaro, I hope to get this working in Only Office, it works in Windows, everything but Speech works in Linux, at least on my machine, not sure if anyone else has this working.