Onlyoffice not supported

Onlyoffice not supported by Manjaro anymore?

The Manjaro repository now carries the onlyoffice-desktopeditors package, which conflicts with onlyoffice-bin. The latter is however available from the AUR.

@Yochanan is the packager of onlyoffice-desktopeditors. He might give you an explanation regarding the switchover. :man_shrugging:

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Why would you think it’s unsupported?

What swtichover?

Am I missing something? :thinking:

Um, didn’t our repositories use to carry the official onlyoffice-bin from upstream? Or am I getting things mixed up with Softmaker Office? :confused:

Edit: Yeah, I probably got the office suites mixed up. :frowning_man:

There have been neither changes with OnlyOffice nor SoftMaker Office / FreeOffice.

There are some changes.

First when you do a fresh install of Manjaro OnlyOffice is not installed by default like before, now you have option to choose between LibreOffice, FreeOffice or no office suite at all.

Second when you want to install OpenOffice with pamac it is shown without its dedicated icon and now is placed in official community repositories, only flatpak version is correctly presented.

Third when you install OnlyOffice (official community repositories) you cannot find an icon (link) in application menu, it doesn’t show, so you must search for it manually to be able to start an application or you must use a terminal.

So I think support for OnlyOffice is dropped in favor of FreeOffice and LibreOffice, which both are bad. FreeOffice is not a open source and is proprietary software and LibreOffice has a problem with dark theme, it doesn’t show tool icons correctly, they are barely visible.

I think you are wrong :rofl:

A missing icon is not a “support drop”. It could be a simple mistake. :innocent:

It appears in the menu for me.

Can’t reproduce. Maybe you’re using a third-party theme that isn’t compatible.

Please open separate Software & Applications threads if you need further assistance with either application.

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