OnlyOffice Desktop Editor - not remembered in KDE panel

When using the OnlyOffice Desktop Editor from main repository, the apps works and the icon shows in KDE’s Icons-only task manager.

However as soon as the app closes, the icon vanishes.

Running the same app from AppImage and Flatpak it works fine, so it seems to be a packaging issue in Manjaro?

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Right-click the icon of the application in the task manager when the application is running and select “Pin to task manager”. This will turn it into a launcher.

Hi @Aragorn , and thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I apologise, I didn’t make it clear in my post:

With the version from the Manjaro repository, after installing and running it, I pinned the application the to the task manager, and it still vanishes from the task manager once I close it.

With the Appimage version from OnlyOffice, and the Flatpak version from Flathub/Discover, the application remains pinned and accessible, hence it seems to be an issue with the Manjaro packaging.

I am running Manjaro KDE with Wayland, testing, latest.

I can run the Appimage or Flatpak versions instead of course, however they have downsides:

a) I can’t edit the template files, which means I’m stuck with changing the font, size, and language every time I start a new document (there is currently no way to change the default in the UI), and
b) only the Manjaro installed version uses the system fonts, the other versions use a limited built-in font set.

I suspect that Wayland would be the real reason you’re having this problem. :thinking:

Fair enough, I’ve had icon issues with Wayland and other apps, but not affecting the task manager, even webapps I’ve made and PWA apps work.

Also, the same application works from Flathub and Appimage :s

I found the issue. It is a packaging issue.

In Wayland, the AppId must match the filename of the .desktop file
The app_id is org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors.desktop
In Appimage and Flatpak version this is correctly set
In the Manjaro respository this is set to onlyoffice.desktop
This should be changed in our respository version.
I changed the .desktop filename to org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors.desktop and it works.

If anyone is running Wayland and finds an app that does not either show it’s icons properly, or let you pin it to the task manager, try the following (using Master PDF Editor as an example):

  1. Find the .desktop file for the app and note the name, in this example masterpdfeditor.desktop
    It might be in /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications

  2. Open the .desktop file in a text editor and find out what the application executable file is called
    In this example it was: Exec=/opt/master-pdf-editor-5/masterpdfeditor5 %f
    So the executable was masterpdfeditor5

  3. Check the app_id

Enter this in a console: WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 your_program_exec_file_name |& grep ‘xdg_toplevel@[0-9]+.set_app_id’

In this example, I replaced your_program_exec with masterpdfeditor5

It should show you the app_id which might look something like

  1. Therefore the .desktop file should be named net.code-industry.masterpdfeditor5.desktop

If it’s not change it.

  1. Test the app now works correctly on Wayland.

  2. Inform the packager and/or the application creator and send them the link to this to explain.



I’ve invited the packager of OnlyOffice to come and take a look at this thread. :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up. Fixed with 6.1.0-3 6.1.0-4 and just pushed it to all branches.


Sorry for bothering you, but you did something wrong.

Still onlyoffice.desktop instead of org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors.desktop as was mentioned before. The icon can’t be pinned to Task Manager.
-v: 6.1.0-3

P.S. perhaps it’s because I updated OnlyOffice… but nothing has changed after rebooting/ reinstalling.

:shushing_face: 6.1.0-4

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Thanks! I’ll wait for it.

Tried both snap and off versions - only the second one works. (Manjaro 20.2.1 Nibia)


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