Only two USB slots work during live-system testing

I am experimenting with Manjaro for the first time, and may be limited in my ability to utilize basic troubleshooting features because of this issue. I am loading KDE 20.1 through a USB stick, and unless the stick is placed in one of the bottom two USB ports, I receive an error:
ERROR: '/dev/disk/by-label/MANJARO_KDE_201' device did not show up after 30 seconds...
There’s more text after that, but this issue is easily resolved by moving the USB stick to one of the two bottom ports.

Because live-system requires this USB stick, I am left with a single open USB port during live-system testing. I have tested and verified that both my keyboard and mouse function in this port, but have been greatly limited by the fact that I cannot use both of these at the same time. Additionally, I can only access the internet when I use a USB WiFi adapter, and this adapter cannot physically fit into a port next to the USB stick, meaning that I have not been able to test this adapter or access the internet using while using Manjaro.

As a result, I cannot access the internet on my live-system and can only use one of either my mouse or my keyboard, but I will gladly perform any instructions or troubleshooting you advise me of so long as it is possible with these restrictions.

As a final note, all of my USB ports are operating correctly whenever I access my current OS (Windows) and my computer’s BIOS.

My apologies if this information isn’t complete, it’s been difficult to figure out this much without any prior experience with BIOS or non-Windows operating systems. Thank you for your help!

Hello and welcome,

As i see it, your other ports might be USB3 and is quite possible there is something about that with the 5.8 kernel.

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Is this a known issue? Is there any expected time for it to be fixed?

Thank you!

For some works, for others not. I can ignore it completely because i have no USB3. Was also discussed here

Was also discussed here

I admit, i didn’t read much about.

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Is this issue isolated to 5.8? I might give an earlier version a try if it will have built-in compatibility with my hardware.

Edit: I just tested KDE 19.0 to see if anything changed, and the USB ports still don’t work. Based on this, I assume the issue is not related to the above. Does anybody know anything I can do to troubleshoot this problem and provide more information?