Only breeze-themes are displayed

Yes, was away for a long time and tried tuxedoOS (use a tuxedo machine) - it's not bad but manjao is much better. I switched from xfce zu kde plasma6

But now I have a problem: although some themes are installed - including adwaita, which I’m used to - only breeze themes are displayed. What can I do? As you know, I’m 76 and not a professional.

Make sure the theming is supported by Plasma 6

Thanks, but I don’t know how do to that.

I have used manjaro for four or five years without any significant problems - I think twice I have needed help and received it from very friendly guys. So manjaro is not new to me, but plasma is. But I will solve this minor problem for myself and will not bother the forum again. Thank you very much for your advice.

The tone in your post suggests that you’re missing the point of why I posted that article. The article makes reference to the Stable Updates announcement threads. These threads contain crucial information to help you…

  • circumvent problems via pre-update action; and…
  • work around certain problems possibly arising post-update.

System Settings → Colors and Themes

On most tabs you find a button or a link Get New… - this will list customization which should conform to Plasma 6 setup

Note that any and all is not verified and may malfunction or cease to function without warning.

It is your responsibility to ensure compliance.

That is great - but Plasma 5 changed to Plasma 6 - and that changed how themes is working - if you require a different layout - then you need to adapt by using a Plasma 6 compliant theme.

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Of course I know that - but I thought the themes listed there were just a selection; but that was just my error. There is an Adwaita Dark Theme for Plasma, but not for Plasma 6 and I prefer to keep my hands off it.

Yes, I was a little annoyed - but now everything is fine again

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