One USB-A port fails sometimes

I am using a Thinkpad X13 with 2 USB-A ports, one at the left and the other on the right

Sometimes the left one cannot recognize USBs but the right one is fine. Restart can deal with this.

OS: Manjaro 21.2.0 Qonos
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.14.13-1-MANJARO
DE: KDE 5.87.0 / Plasma 5.23.1
WM: KWin
CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 @ 8x 4.7GHz
GPU: Mesa Intel(R) Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)

Please post the info:

  1. Try to search an event of USB turn off or sort of it at least in your OS general logger engine, for example man journalctl.
  2. What returns the Internet search if to paste that line(s) into a search engine input?
    If to cut your personal info from that lines before to paste them (like date/time, PC name, PID (process ID), etc.) than you increase a chances to find a described cases closer to yours. May be somewhere the solution was posted several times and only awaits for a matched search criteria and a discussion reader.

Tell us about how it went in your case, please.