One Manjaro Live for all supported DE?

At present Manjaro provides separate .iso downloads for different supported DE’s. Could it be possible to produce only one .iso download, which includes all supported by Manjaro DE’s ? The installer can decide which DE to pick up from one Manjaro Live. I’ve seen quite handy this kind of approach in endeavouros. What technical pro’s and con’s do you see here ?

The con is obvious and very big: wasted space. Not every user out there is on a fiber gigabit connection, so a “gigabyte or two” do matter. And the final nail in the coffin are the costs for the manjaro team (server bandwidth).

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obvious con would be a ginormous ISO size. right now KDE minimal ISO is 3GB, and i would assume gnome to be as big XFCE though light, when all this adds up we are talking about atleast 7GB+ ISO. someone with your requirements would find it handy, for most ppl who pick a DE in advance this would be be a bloated ISO.

what you could ask for is a ISO with a network installer which would install any DE of your choosing

This would best be done by a net-installer.
We do have manjaro-architect, though it seems it is no longer shipped with any of the official ISOs.


@Teo @koshikas Some facts: In April 2023 I downloaded EndeavourOS_Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R1.iso with all supported DE’s and it’s size is 1,9 GiB (2 060 333 056 B) and the Eos Live USB, which I made from this .iso, has size 1,8 GiB (1 938 926 335 B). Installation of other DE’s than XFCE requires internet connection. My full Manjaro KDE Plasma installation size 46,06 GiB with all apps etc. including my /home with size is 24,1 GiB (most of the content(s) is on external disks).

So, to my limited understanding, this is not ‘wasted space’ or ‘ginormous ISO size’.

So it is actually a xfce iso and the other DEs are just not there.

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That one is easy - as a former ISO maintainer I know it is not possible nor feasible.

@Teo @koshikas @cscs @linux-aarhus Thank you for your thoughts and facts !

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