One file with all config info

I was watching a vid. on a distro called Nix & they have a feature where you can have all settings & packedges you have in 1 file. So if you had to reinstall, just use that file to get everything back how you had it.

Nix a package manager not really a Distro. In fact, you can use it on any Distro. NixOS looks more like a showcase of its package manager than a real Distro.

So go ahead and use it if you like.

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NixOS is really really bad on documentation, stuff listed on their website (wiki) and even the answers the users give on their forums are outdated. Idea is good but wouldn’t recommend until it gets like a makeover or something which i think will happen in the near future. :wink:

There is a great bash script aconfmgr that can save and restore your configuration. Something similar to NixOS, but more flexible. You can even write your own commands there.


Thank you for this!