Onboard Realtek sound card - front panel doesn't get recognised


I have a strange issue that I can’t seem to resolve.
I have FM2-A 5 5 -E33 motherboard (MS-7721), and front panel can’t get recognised. I’ve tried unmuting all channels in alsamixer, adding asound.conf to change the default sound card, and none of them worked. I’m relatively new to Linux community, so I don’t know much and any kind of waypointing would be appreciated!

Motherboard: MSI FM2-A 5 5 -E33
Onboard sound card: Realtek ALC887

Alsa audio log - back panel mic and headphones plugged in
Alsa audio log - front panel mic and headphones plugged in
Don’t know if there is any difference, I’ve put them both just in case.

P.S. Windows drivers have the same issue, even though you install dedicated Realtek drivers, you need a GUI tool from Realtek (Downloaded from mobo site) to disable front panel jack detection. Only after that will the front panel get detected (I’ve written that correctly).

Just to clarify: I’ve just installed Manjaro on my desktop, I’m a new user.
I have a VGA monitor connected to the graphics card via HDMI dongle (no audio on the dongle).