On which hard disk should I install GRUB?

Hello to everyone,

I’ve just bought a new used ASUS X542 laptop. It has 2 hard disks. The first one is a 512GB SSD on which Windows 11 is installed; the second one is a 1TB HDD.
I would like to install Manjaro in dual boot; supposing I installed it on the 1TB HDD, where should I install GRUB? On the SSD with Windows or on the HDD?

Thank you very much in advance for your advice. :blush:

it will install on the drive you choose to install Manjaro. If ypou choose the 1tb drive at minimum you’ll have a boot / efi partition and your data partition. Myself I’d shrink Windows down to 256 gigs and let Manjaro install along side it allowing you to use the 1tb only for additional data storage.

Install on the SSD, which makes os run fast. The HDD used for storage movie, music, photo and so on

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