On switching from nvidia to nouveau with mhwd

Lately I had a bad time trying to switching back from nvidia drivers to video-linux using mhwd.

$ sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia-470xx
$ sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

This prevented starting X.
After some sweaty moments, I discovered that one of the reasons was the presence of blacklist nouveau in /etc/modprobe.d/mhwd-gpu.conf.
I was wandering if it could make sense that mhwd would check that file and possibly emit a warning if the module that is being installed is blacklisted.

This would not install nouveau - instead it would install the latest proprietary driver.
(…and blacklist nouveau, as you found, which is expected behavior. No reason for your check)

Ehm, sorry, that’s a freudian lapsus, I meant free (trying to fix it). otherwise it would just reinstall the proprietary driver.