On screen keyboard does not follow ibus input layout. It stays on En while stypying Korean

HI, new forum. cool.
So, I wanted to test out Gnome’s on-screen keyboard. Enabled it in settings and it only appears in system UI, does not appear on Firefox but this could be because I don’t have a touch screen.
The issue is that I have to type in two languages, English and Korean. I use Ibus to switch between the two. I installed Ibus from Manjaro Hello. It set up everything for me and I don’t have to do any configuration.

The on-screen keyboard, however, seems to ignore ibus. I can type in each language, but the layout does not change.
I posted this issue on Gnome Reddit and one of the devs said that it worked fine on their part and is most likely an issue with Manjaro’s implementation of Gnome.
So, What’s going on, is this a bug? Can I get it fixed? Any help with this would be appreciated.
Also, I am using wayland.
Edit. this also happens on xorg

Have you tried the Gnome Tweaks app, there are several settings for keyboards and switching between different ones. I have not tested these but seems worth a try.
Here I have the same issure as you, the on screen keyboard will not even switch to Dvorak only the initial default language is ever available on screen.

Update: there is a flag on the onscreen keyboard that you have to use to switch languages, not sure why the keyboard toggles do not work.
I still get no onscreen with Firefox, terminal etc…

Yep. Pretty much what I am experencing. Only for Gnome UI does the keyboard show up.