Oled display brightness and bluelight filter issues

Hi there, I m running manjaro Xfce on a Tuxedo Book

    • TUXEDO Book XP15 - Gen112.095,80 EUR
      • Ultra-HD OLED 60Hz | Intel Core i7-10750H | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

and I have always issues with the brightness control: I can dim the brightness via the Fn+ F8/F9 keys, but sometimes it just jumps back to some default value.
I cannot run redshift or any other program to reduce bluelight during evenings. As soon as I install redshift, the filter just works on Maximum screen brightness. all other brightnes levels revert to normal mode.
I was reading through the forum and found various posts about similar problems and general problems with oled displays and linux, but I couldnt find a good hint what to do… Any suggestions?


Note: Since OLED screens have no backlight, brightness cannot be controlled by changing backlight power on laptops equipped with an OLED screen. In this case, perceived screen brightness can be adjusted with a PWM control (not implemented in the Linux kernel) or via software color correction.

The color correction section on that page has further information.

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