Okular no longer opens .okular documents with annotations

A few months ago I downloaded a schedule - mostly Thai text, and made annotations in English with Okular - which got saved.
i.e. I have Schedule.jpg and then annotated Schedule.okular.

Now when I try to open Schedule.okular I get a message “Can not find a plugin which is able to handle the document being passed.”

So todays update seems to have broken it - as it opened last night. The problem is, I have NO idea what plugin is required to open Okular annotated jpg images!!!

I did a test, opened a new jpg, added a note, saved - and it won’t open.

In Terminal

org.kde.okular.core: No plugin for mimetype '"application/zip"'.

So .okular is “application/zip” ??

Ok, fixed it - strangely it identified as ZIP, and when I ZIPPED the file, it also tried to open with Okular…
So I reset that to open with Ark and the Okular file opened with no more issues.

So closing this, thanks.

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