Okular fullscreen mode stuck

I’m on the Stable Branch running KDE. With Okular v. 20.08.0-1 I went full-screen with a presentation I’m preparing and now the application is stuck on full screen with no way for me to get out of it. The esc key doesn’t work. The only way to close Okular is to hit the meta key to open the Application Launcher which will also show the task bar and I can finally close it. Any way to get this working correctly?

Normally F11 ─ or Shift+F11 in some cases ─ will toggle between full-screen mode and normal windowed mode.

Alternatively, Alt+F3 ─ unless you’ve changed that ─ will bring up the window operations menu, from which you can undo full-screen mode.

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I actually found the issue: I was in full-screen mode, not presentation mode. To exit full-screen mode you hit ctrl+shift+f, and it got me out of it.

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