Okular 21.08.1 - Error loading text-to-speech plug-in "speechd"

Okular 21.08.1
Manjaro XFCE 21.1.3

I want to try to read aloud a document with Okular, that’s the console output:

$ okular
Error loading text-to-speech plug-in "speechd"

I do see that qt5-speech 5.15.2-1 is installed

From Text to Speech on GNU/Linux Part 2: Okular to Speech
I deduct the problem lies in the LOADING.

any help?



But that doesn’t mean the speechd is present/installed as i part of libspeechd + speech-dispatcher … but you can for example use flite instead …


It can’t load what is not installed. Once you install one that you prefer, and set it in Okular Preferences, you should have no error.

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In Okular>Configuration>Configure Okular>Accessibility
I can indeed choose the test to speech engine
If I installed: sayit, espeak, flite; I only see flite or speechd in Okular
If I select speechd that’s the console output:

$ okular
Found no modules in speech-dispatcher. No text to speech possible.