OKIDATA OL400e issues


I have an old printer OKI OL400e printer, which I use for some reasons (comfort to print a lot of papers because of easy toner refill). I tried to use printer with latest at the moment Manjaro KDE through USB-LPT cable. Printer works, but at test page appears also garbage symbols. There is no difference which driver (CUPS + gutenprint or foomatic, also tried drivers for OKI OL400 and HP LaserJet 2).

Technically printer is fine and works perfectly with other, non-linux OS. Other printers as Brother HL-2310D works also perfectly.

There is receipt to get this printer to work properly on Manjaro?


Have you installed this AUR (en) - okimfpsdrv ?

I have installed okimfpsdrv. After that, if I use foomatic driver, test page was ok, but if I print some documents, there will be some garbage symbols. Also, exists problems with max resolution (300x300) : prints only 2/3 of length of A4 paper (that was before and after install okimfpsdr).