"Oh no something has gone wrong" error with gnome-shell-performance

Hi there. After update i getting error “Oh no! Something has gone wrong”. and can’t access tty3. I restored system with Timeshift now. Tell me what to do please, do I have to wait until this is somehow fixed with the next update, or is it just me, and then what do I do?

After timeshift restoring I tried to update the system again and the error remains.

I’m guessing your on Gnome Desktop, Disable all extensions before you update, also try updating from a tty screen and not desktop.

Making guesses: Gnome desktop? Do you have an Nvidia card? Some of this information may be helpful. Does this happen at the greeter screen?

Yes, Gnome dekstop Nvidia+Intel. This error appears when plymouth is about to start work…

I think this is much later - this is GDM (the display manager) crashing
or the gnome shell when GDM is trying to start it

some journal output could probably help

Thank you all for your help, it’s all because of gnome-shell pefromance, I forgot I installed it instead of gnome-shell.

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