Offline installation of XFCE


Am trying to install XFCE on a brand new laptop (Default windows OS not completely installed/registered) I am booting from USB, and it seems to work as it should. I did go through the manjaro installation process, but I had issues with network, so I decided to start from scratch.

My problem is that my XFCE is on a USB A, and I have just one of those port on my new laptop. My ethernet to USB adapter (So I can have wired internet connection) is also USB A. I did try to set up shared connection from mobile to new laptop, but it was not successful, (unstable).


Can XFCE be installed offline, (and take care of possible network issues after install using the ethernet to USB A in that port)?

Or do I need to find a way to bypass that to have the internet connection working during install?

And in that case, is there some easy way to set up a shared connection from my old laptop (via wifi or cable) ? (That old machine is running Linux budgie.)

I have only been using Linux for a month or so, so all this tech is very new to me. I ask that if you have any suggestions to offer, please keep in mind that I am a beginner. :sweat_smile:

But I honestly love Linux already, and I’m not going back to Windows ever! :grin:

I appreciate any help from the community with this issue. :heart:

Yes. Just proceed the calamaris installation without net- access. It will complain but just ignore it. Updates can be done after the install.

About network, you did not give information what device and nw-card you have.

Thank you so much for getting back to me on this! :pray:

When I run the information it says Realtek 8852AE, but it supports wifi 6 802.11AX

It is supported with kernel 5.16 and up.
I am at work and typing fom smartphone, so somebody with a manjaro install and access to the repos might jump in .

Thanks again, appreciate it! :pray: :innocent:

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